June Board Meeting Minutes

Present: Marlowe Kulley, Peter MacDonald, Martin Jacobs, Joshua Cohen, Andrew DuBrock, Jessica Taylor, Morgan Smith, Gayle Shanley, John Gadon

Agenda Topic




Spring Happy

Thursday, May 14 at the Mash Tun brewpub on 22nd and Alberta @ 6pm.

Good turnout, over 20 people

Wine Tasting

Wine tasting at Liner and Elson. We discussed moving it to April 3 from March 20 due to more interesting Austrian wines. 2222 NW Quimby. (price $15-$30 for five samples). Starts at 5:30 (till 7:30).

More of a social event than about the wine. 22 people came. Positive feedback.

Events & Discussion

Summer picnic

June 27th , 1–6 p.m.

Early registration: $5 kids, $10 adult; $25 family. Late registration: $10 kids, $15 adult, $35 family. Under 5: free.

Josh volunteered to do some graphic design (map, etc.) for the event.

Sam: pickup Frisbee game. Martin: pickup food. Setup: noon (Andrew, )—set up banner on fence on Wilsonville road, also put up balloons; Grill—hourly shifts (Andrew, Morgan) ; Check-in (Josh); Serving Bowls (Marlowe); board members keep an eye on the pool; orchard tour (led by Peter); parking around tennis court (as long as it’s not wet)..if it’s too wet, then park further away; Marlowe to set up email about carpooling. Entertainment (Andrew? Somebody else? Boom box? Nothing?)

Shakespeare in the Park

Henry IV, part 1

September 5 @ Reed College (outdoors)

Happy Hour

@ Fifth Quadrant

Williams and Fremont (next to Pix). Tuesday September 22ndof August.

Food bank
volunteer group

Jessica to organize—a Saturday in July?

Email list

What do we want to allow on email list? Events organized by alumni that are non-profit, events organized by alumni that are for profit, non alumni event?

No action now—it’s not turned into a problem yet.
There were a few times where people emailed in flurries, but it’s calmed down

Next Meeting

Monday, October 19th 7pm @ Marlowe’s House.