Board Meeting Minutes

Present: Marlowe Kulley, Arianna, Martin Jacobs, Gail Shanley, Andrew DuBrock, Alex Dean

Agenda Item Discussion Action

Past Events

Holiday Party

The speakers at the holiday party were apparently very good, but went on for a little too long.

Perhaps have only one speaker in the future, since two seemed long or 8-minute limit total for each speaker.

Professor Carter Lecture

Thirteen people attended the Professor Carter lecture. It was a great lecture and we discussed how we could get higher attendance levels.

For the lectures, maybe charge $$ for events to lock in more members, make them RSVP, create a phone tree calling people to promote, and email the Ivy Plus list (for lectures only). Perhaps set up a committee of three people in charge of getting attendance levels up. Gail will spearhead getting RSVP’s for future events.

Upcoming Events

Wine Tasting

Wine tasting at Liner Nelson. We discussed moving it to April 3 from March 20 due to more interesting Austrian wines. 2222 NW Quimby. (price $15-$30 for five samples). Starts at 5:30 (till 7:30).

We will do an RSVP for the wine tasting. John will find out what the price is.

Spring Happy Hour

Thursday, May 14 at the Mash Tun brewpub on 22nd and Alberta @ 6pm.

Summer picnic

Peter MacDonald offered to host again this summer.

July 18th or June 27th proposed times; Marlowe to find out which is best. We need name tags, food buyer(s), cook(s), entertainment(?), sign-in, clean up crews.

Shakespeare in the Park(?)

Gayle up for organizing it again, if anyone interested.

Next Meeting

June 6th if party is on June 27th, or June 29th if party is on July 18th at Marlowe’s house.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned

Andrew DuBrock, Brown Club of Oregon, Secretary