Holiday Party

Dear Alumni,

Join the Brown Club of Oregon as we celebrate the holidays and the New Year in the warmth of the magnificent Matarazzo family home! We hope you’ll join us for good food, good cheer and good conversation.

What: Brown Club of Oregon Holiday Party
When: Friday, January 23rd, 7:00 p.m.
Where: Harris Matarazzo’s home in SW Portland (Address to be provided upon RSVP)

We’ll have two local alumni giving a short presentation about their life passions:
Helen Spector, Sociology Major, Pembroke Class of 1967
Helen will talk about her 18 years supporting the Council for a Parliament of the Worlds’ Religions, an international interfaith movement in pursuit of a more just, sustainable and peaceful world. She’ll give is a brief history of the Parliament, beginning with the 1893 World’s Parliament of Religions held as part of the Chicago World’s Fair, the first time that leaders of eastern traditions met the leaders of western traditions.
Peter Hanaway, Brown Class of 1984
Peter will talk about his new book, Expanding Power. His book aims to provide a practical, effective approach for helping us get more of what we want through “win/win engagement”. The principles laid out in his book aim to provide richer relationships and improved professional results while providing a contagious quality that ripples out, strengthening the fabric of goodwill in our communities.